terra's partitioning scheme

terra has two 80 GB SATA disks:

  • /dev/sda
  • /dev/sdb

each disk is partitioned into two partitions:

  • a 200 MB small initial partition
  • the rest of the disk in a second partition.

the partitions are bound together across the disks with RAID 1 into two devices

  • /dev/md0: 200MB partition with ext3 filesystem on it mounted at /boot
  • /dev/md1: a ~80GB block device set up as a physical volume for LVM, feeding into a primary volume group: vg0_terra

vg0_terra has several logical volumes extracted from it. initially:

  • terra_root: 1GB ext3 mounted at /
  • terra_swap: 2GB of swap space
  • terra_usr: 4GB ext3 mounted at /usr
  • terra_var: 4GB ext3 mounted at /var