dkg's notes about installing terra


first i had to figure out how to netboot this machine.

i have a netboot environment running on mercury's second NIC, so i connected terra to that, and booted the sarge installer, configured to use the serial line at 115200bps.

pxelinux behaves mighty poorly over the serial line at that bitrate, but all i had to do was to type (blindly): expert26 and then linux took over. the linux kernel wrangles a high-bitrate serial line just fine. as soon as the kernel and initrd were fetched from mercury, i swapped the ethernet cable back to the permanent connection for the install. i don't want mercury to be forwarding packets right now.

i set up the partitioning scheme without too many problems, but for some reason /boot (/dev/md0) wasn't properly built and loaded. i had to go in and do that by hand, just before the bootloader step. oddly, the only bootloader offered seems to be LILO on this install. something is wrong about that, but i just went in and installed grub by hand anyway, which went something like this:

chroot /target apt-get install grub
chroot /target grub-install /dev/sda
chroot /target grub-install /dev/sdb

note the installation of grub on both hard disks: this way if one disk dies, the other one should be able to pick up from there.

To ensure that a BIOS-fetchable kernel and initrd are available, i've set up /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 so that they are RAID1'ed into /dev/md0 which has a simple ext3 /boot partition on it.