saturn administration notes

saturn is a 3U server with a big ol' array of hot-swap SATA disks.

it has two non-hotswap SATA disks which contain the operating system itself.

the hot-swap SATA disks are all on a 3ware RAID card. to get into that raid card's configuration just after POST via the serial line, it says "press Alt-3". however, the sequence "alt-3, spacebar, 3" is what seems to work for me. there may be a cleaner way to do it.

when booting with linux during an install, i had trouble with the CD ROM drive getting into some sort of conflict with the USB controller. In particular, the behavior i was seeing was extremely slow activity if anything tried to use any of the disks, and a lot of spurious "interrupt 185 ignored" type errors.

at the moment i'm working around this by disabling the old parallel ATA devices in the BIOS. i'd like to get to the bottom of the conflict eventually, however. but for now, i want to make sure that the system boots and runs and can be rebooted cleanly remotely.

tg3 NIC

i'm also getting this intriguing error at boot:

tg3: tg3_request_firmware (eth%d): Couldn't get firmware "tg3/tso-1.4.0".

which makes me think this NIC is not being fully-enabled because we don't have the firmware available for it...