PHYSICA is a high level, interactive programming environment with user friendly graphics and sophisticated mathematical analysis capabilities. PHYSICA is available for VAX/VMS, Alpha/VMS, Digital Unix (both 3.x and 4.0), DECstation/ULTRIX, SGI/IRIX, SUNOS, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, and PC Linux platforms.

For more information refer to Documentation and Archives.

Questions should go to Daniel Savin (savin).


Create the installation directory and uncompress archive:

cdelacruz@metis:/opt$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/physica/2.77/bin
cdelacruz@metis:/opt$ sudo chown -R cdelacruz:cdelacruz physica/
cdelacruz@metis:/opt$ tar xzvf physica.v2.77.kernel2.6.tar.gz
cdelacruz@metis:/opt/physica$ ln -s /opt/physica/2.77 ./current

Chmod physica.script and physica binary:

cdelacruz@metis:/usr/local/physica/bin$chmod a+x physica.script
cdelacruz@metis:/usr/local/physica/bin$chmod a+x physica

Edit/Modify physica.script and insert the proper directories:

# PHYSICA_DIR is where the help and news files are located
export PHYSICA_DIR=/opt/physica/current
# TRIUMF_FONTS is where the vaxfont.dat file is located
export TRIUMF_FONTS=/opt/physica/current
# set this to the full path to the physica executable
alias physica='/opt/physica/current/physica'

mv physica.script to the /bin directory and renamed it as physica.bash:

cdelacruz@metis:/usr/local/physica$ sudo mv physica.script /usr/local/physica/bin

By running physica from the script, the environment variables are properly set.