Proposals for observing at MDM are due twice a year, once in October and once in February. Normally, about 39 nights is available to Columbia-affiliates on each of the 1.3m and 2.4m telescopes.

Information about the Observatory, its telescopes, and instruments can be found on the University of Michigan MDM website

or on the MDM mountain website

If you are interested in writing an observing proposal, you can get the Columbia-specific forms from the web page

This will get you the latex forms mdmprop.tex and and the style file mdmprop.sty. Just follow the instructions in the latex file for filling out and depositing the form.

Note that it is FAR easier to get time on MDM than it is on most other telescopes because Columbia is in the consortium, so an MDM proposal is a great way to cut your teeth on the whole process before applying to other observatories.