Residency Units

At the beginning of each semester (or the end of the previous one), all graduate students must register for courses. Even students who have completed all of their course requirements need to continue to register with the University under the "Residency Unit" to prove that they are still full-time students. If you fail to do this, you can be fined by the University and/or part of your paycheck may disappear. To register, please visit SSOL and click on registration appointments to see when you are allowed to register. If you are presently allowed to register, click on the registration link and follow the procedures.

Students in their first 3 years of study (or students in their first 2 years of study who possess "advanced standing") must register for a Full-Time Residency Unit (generally call number 99991). Students in subsequent years of study must register for an Extended Residence Unit (generally call number 77771). N.B. Students on "Matriculation and Facilities" (museum students) may have slightly different procedures. Check with Millie.

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