University Housing

The rental rates on university apartments are listed here. First month's rent and a deposit equal to first month's rent is due upon signing the lease. However, if you are short on funds, the housing office will usually arrange to hold outstanding balances that you are unable to pay in arrears that you can pay down incrementally. Rent is due on the first of the month, and though they are allowed to penalize you for paying late, in practice not paying on time does not normally result in any penalties, especially if you contact the office with an explanation.

It is possible to sublet your apartment if you are away for a semester or a summer. Contact the housing office for more information on this option.

It should be noted that the guaranteed increase in the stipend from year to year is generally less than the increase in the rent on university housing from year to year.

Student housing subsidized by the University in the Morningside Neighborhood is guaranteed for all GSAS PhD candidates at Columbia for 5 years. After this period, students must *justify* why they must remain in housing for each additional year for two years maximum. UAH *will* attempt to get you to leave as much as they can after your 5 years. Usually you only have to request to remain in housing once per year after 5, but sometimes this requires some sort of short letter from your advisor saying that you're making adequate progress. If you stay on through the summer of your 7th year (as I am), they will say that you cannot and that your 7 years ends on May 31st (even if you moved into the apartment in August or September). Request whatever time you need, and if they continue to refuse, then just talk to the Astronomy department chair asking him/her to request from the GSAS Dean a stay on your housing for a month or two (and cc the housing office). This worked for Kyle and me.

For students wishing to change their housing option (move into another apartment within the university system), please see the UAH page.

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If you for some reason turn a housing offer down you are out of the system. If you than want to get back into the system it is very hard but possible. Deferral etc. does not exist.

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You can move out from the housing in the middle of a semester with full refund.

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If you want to move into couples housing, you need to show one of the following items:

- That you and your partner have had an "actively used" joint bank account OR credit card for at least six months

- That you and your partner have previously signed a lease together

- That you and your partner have owned a car together (for at least six months)

- TWO documents showing that you and your partner have been living together for at least six months (a bank statement or utility bill with your names and addresses)

- A certificate of domestic partnership from some governmental body (in my case, the City of San Francisco)

- A marriage certificate

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