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This page is intended to be a repository of advice, useful links, code, etc primarily for graduate students. Please feel free to edit it and add to it so that others can gain from your experience. Make sure that when you do add to it that you leave your name attached to the articles you've added, so that people know who to talk to for more information on the subject. The (un)official advice the department gives to the graduate students is contained in the Graduate Student Handbook, so it's a good idea to read it once through if you're not sure how certain things have been done in the department.

NOTE: All of this is horribly outdated. I want to get a few of us to fix this up because I can't do it by myself. - Steven

Columbia University Policies


Health Insurance

Residency Units

Non-Astro Coursework

Graduate Student Progress Report

University Housing




Creating and Giving Presentations

Research Journal


Other Responsibilities



Lab Wiki

Teaching tips


What to do when you're broke

FAQ for New Students?

FAQ for Students in their Last Year

Where to eat / drink

Fellowship Applications

Textbook Suggestions



Administrate Your Own Workstation

Python Links, Tips, and Code

IDL Links, Tips, and Code

LaTeX Links, Tips, and Code

Text Editors

Version Control Programs



Linux-Specific Help

Shell Scripting

Mac-Specific Help

How to tell if your Mac processor is 32- or 64-bit

Customizing colors for xTerm and Terminal

Showing hidden files in Finder for when you don't want to do things on the command line

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