Public Outreach Lecture & Film Series / Summer 2012

This is a lecture series put on for the benefit of the public. Each lecture lasts approximately 30 minutes and is accompanied by 1.5 hours of star-gazing on the roof if the weather cooperates. Talks are targeted at the astronomical-education level of a layperson (oftentimes children are in attendance). Talks typically meet in Pupin 301; directions will be provided around the observatory to the lecture on each given night.

In addition, we've included 5 science fiction film screenings and at the beginning of the summer. Each film will be introduced by a scientist-volunteer, shown in its entirety, and then followed with a short lecture on the relevant science in the film. Afterward, we open the session into a discussion and provide telescope viewing either in front of Pupin or on College Walk if the weather is cooperative. For more information, go to the Wiki Outreach webpage or the Public Outreach webpage.

If you're interested in giving an outreach lecture in a coming semester, please contact the current Outreach Director.

Date Speaker Title Start Time Abstract
Jun 1 Josh Schroeder Film Night - Star Trek: First Contact 7:00PM Summary
Jun 15 TBD Film Night - The Right Stuff 7:00PM No Abstract
Jun 29 TBD Film Night - Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon 7:00PM No Abstract
Jul 13 TBD Film Night - Waterworld 7:00PM No Abstract
Jul 27 Dan D'Orazio Film Night - Primer 7:00PM No Abstract
Aug 10 Lauren Corlies Unlocking Saturn's Secrets: NASA's Cassini Mission 8:00PM Abstract
Aug 24 Munier Salem You Can't Win, You Can't Break Even, and You Can't Get Out of the Game 8:00PM Abstract