Every Monday and Thursday, we hold coffee in the library (Pupin 1402) at 10:30 am. This is a good time to have casual conversations with other department members on astronomy or any other subject you choose, or just to jump start your morning.

Each week, a different person volunteers to bring in snacks for the department. If you volunteer to bring in snack, the coffee coordinator (currently Jennifer) will email you the weekend before as a reminder. Coffee and tea are provided by the department.

If you sign in to bring coffee snack, please try to stay a little late to help clean up, if possible.

This semesters Coffee sign up schedule is:

Week Volunteer
May 14 Jim
May 21 Steven
May 28 Jennifer/Christine
June 04 Josh
June 11 Lauren
June 18 David S.
June 25 Yuan
July 02 Jim
July 09 Lia
July 16 Jenna
July 23 Arlin
July 30 Jeff
August 06 Jeno/Christine
August 13 Arlin
August 20 Jennifer
August 27 Dan
September 03 Josh

If you would like to volunteer as coffee coordinator, Jennifer is "retiring" after the week of August 20th, so please go talk to her!