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     1= Public Outreach Lecture & Film Series / Summer 2010 = 
     3This is a lecture series put on for the benefit of the public.  Each lecture lasts approximately 30 minutes and is accompanied by 1.5 hours of star-gazing on the roof if the weather cooperates.  Talks are targeted at the astronomical-education level of a layperson (oftentimes children are in attendance).  Talks typically meet in Pupin 301; directions will be provided around the observatory to the lecture on each given night.   
     5In addition, we've included 4 science fiction film screenings and talks throughout the summer.  Each film will be introduced by a scientist-volunteer, shown in its entirety, and then followed with a short lecture on the relevant science in the film.  Afterward, we open the session into a discussion and provide telescope viewing either in front of Pupin or on College Walk if the weather is cooperative.  For more information, go to the [wiki:Outreach Wiki Outreach webpage] or the [ Public Outreach webpage].   
     7If you're interested in giving an outreach lecture in a coming semester, please contact the current Outreach Director. 
     10||'''Date'''|| ||Speaker|| ||Title|| ||Start Time|| ||Abstract|| 
     11||'''Jun 4'''|| ||Lia Corrales|| ||Film Night: The Core|| ||7:00PM|| ||No Abstract|| 
     12||'''Jun 18'''|| ||Jennifer Weston|| ||Film Night: The Time Machine|| ||7:00PM|| ||No Abstract|| 
     13||'''Jul 2'''|| ||Nicholas Hunt-Walker|| ||Supernovae: Going Out with a Bang!|| ||8:30PM|| ||[wiki:Talks/Summer2010/Outreach/20100702 Abstract]|| 
     14||'''Jul 16'''|| ||Erika Hamden & Cameron Hummels|| ||Film Night: Apollo 13|| ||7:00PM|| ||No Abstract|| 
     15||'''Jul 30'''|| ||Stephanie Tonneson|| ||Discoveries in the Universe that will AMAZE you!|| ||8:30PM|| ||[wiki:Talks/Summer2010/Outreach/20100730 Abstract]|| 
     16||'''Aug 13'''|| ||Duane Lee|| ||Film Night: Deep Impact|| ||7:00PM|| ||No Abstract|| 
     17||'''Sep 3'''|| ||Frits Paerels|| ||Missing Matter: Where's the other half?|| ||8:30PM|| ||[wiki:Talks/Summer2010/Outreach/20100903 Abstract]||