Astronomy Pizza Lunch / Summer 2009

Talks and Pizza are held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, beginning at 12:00pm. Slices of pizza are $1 each.

DateTitleURL Discussion Leader
May 12 Enhanced tidal disruption rates from massive black hole binaries Kristen
Stirring, not shaking: binary black holes' effects on electromagnetic fields Kristen
Exoplanet Blog Emily
May 19The formation of the first stars and galaxies Josh
The 2pt+: an enhanced 2 point correlation function Kyle
Turbulence and Dynamo in Galaxy Cluster Medium Kristen
High-performance computing on GPUs & Kristen
May 26Challenges facing young astrophysicists Josh
On the detectability of primordial black holes in the Galaxy Lia
Seeding the Formation of Cold Gaseous Clouds in Milky Way Size Halos Mary
A Radio Pulsar/X-ray Binary Link Kristen
June 2Evidence for the disky origin of luminous Virgo dwarf ellipticals from the kinematics of their globular cluster systems Duane
Extremely-Metal Poor Stars in the Milky Way: A Second Generation Formed after Reionization Josh
Strong Lensing by Subhalos in the Dwarf-Galaxy Mass Range II: Detection Probabilities Kathryn J
An ultracool star's candidate planet Kristen
June 9 X-ray Polarization from Black Holes in the Thermal State Kristen
Measuring the galaxy-mass and galaxy-dust correlations through magnification and reddening Franz
Can gas prevent the destruction of thin stellar discs by minor mergers? Mary
June 16 The Effect of Stellar Rotation on Colour-Magnitude Diagrams: On the apparent presence of multiple populations in intermediate age stellar clusters Emily
Existence of collisional trajectories of Mercury, Mars and Venus with the Earth Cameron
GRB 090423 reveals an exploding star at the epoch of re-ionization Josh
June 23 Telescope Time Without Tears: A Distributed Approach to Peer Review Marcel
Morphological quenching of star formation: making early type galaxies red Jacqueline
Apollo Plus 40 Lia
Clustered Star Formation as a Natural Explanation of the Halpha Cutoff in Disc Galaxies Jess
June 30 Balloon Fun Sarah
Wolfram Alpha & Josh
Dark Matter Halo Growth Kathryn J
Earth's Transmission Spectrum Kristen
July 7Milky Way vs Andromeda: a tale of two disks
A new type of stellar explosion Kristen
Probing Cosmology with Weak Lensing Peak Counts Zoltan
July 14 Probing the IGM-Galaxy Connection at z < 0.5 Ari Maller
Dynamically Driven Evolution of the Interstellar Medium in M51 David S.
GRB 090426: The Environment of a Rest-Frame 0.35-second Gamma-Ray Burst at Redshift z=2.609 Josh
Detection of 16 Gamma-ray Pulsars Through Blind frequency Searches Using the Fermi LAT Jules
July 21 On the Emergent Spectra of Hot Protoplanet Collision Afterglows Kristen
Improved CMB Map from WMAP Data Kathryn J
Superdense massive galaxies in wings local clusters Jacqueline
July 28 HD 69686: A Mysterious High Velocity B Star Destry
The Quasar SDSS J105041.35+345631.3: Black Hole Recoil or Extreme Double-Peaked Emitter? Jules
Lenticular Galaxies and Their Environments Joo
Aug 4 A record of planet migration in the Main Asteroid Belt Kristen
On the Apparent Lack of Be X-ray Binaries with Black Holes Josh
Aug 11 Measuring Cosmic Elements with Gamma-Ray Telescopes Josh
A New Probe of Dark Matter Using Microlensing Lia
Are we seeing the beginnings of Inflation? Josh

Faculty, research staff and students: If you have a visitor coming for a given week, please contact the person in charge for that week (do not modify this page yourself). Also be sure to add the visitor's name to the visitor page. The goal is to allow all visitors the chance to lead a brief discussion of their research.

Speakers: We aim for informal discussions about 10-20 minutes in length. Powerpoint is discouraged, but permitted for particularly relevant images.