Jan Kratochvil

Columbia University, Post-Doctoral Researcher

How Anyone Can Witness a Space Shuttle Launch

Obtaining launch viewing tickets can be a challenging task. This is a photographic and narrational documentary on witnessing a Space Shuttle launch (STS-122) up close from the VIP Site at the Kennedy Space Center. Whether you are planning to attend a launch yourself and would like to know what to expect, or whether attending this presentation is as close as you will ever get to seeing the shuttle fly, I will present what comprises the complete shuttle launch viewing experience, from trip planning to watching the crew ride on a beam of fire to the heavens. This is an outside-the-box talk, based on personal experiences and focussing on providing information you will not find in a book or online. The talk is intended for all ages and will include launch photography tips for the adults as well as step-by-step career advice for the kids on how to prepare sensibly to become an astronaut.