Pizza Lunch is our the weekly gathering of the Astronomy Department to make announcements, learn about visitors for the week and (most importantly) talk to each other about science we're interested in. Visitors are invited to tell us a little about what they are working on (chalkboard-style for 5-10 mins or less), but the majority of the time is reserved for local faculty, research scientists, postdocs, grads and undergrads. Please contact Greg Bryan (or the organizer for a particular day in the table below) if you are interested in speaking, or want to suggest someone else as a speaker (or fill out the table at the bottom of this page).

Pizza will be served at 11:45 and discussion will start with announcements at 12:10.

Date Organizer Speaker1 Speaker2 Speaker3
Jan 16 Greg Bryan AAS updates (various)
Jan 23 David Schiminovich Frits Paerels David Kipping
Jan 30 Greg Bryan Kumail Zaidi Shivam Pandey Jerry Ostriker
Feb 6 Jane Huang Lachlan Lancaster Amelie Sharples Sabina Sagynbayeva
Feb 13 Brian Metzger Max Lee Michael Kuffmeier (Copenhagen) Jen Mead
Feb 20 David Helfand Lucas Alves Mariela Vieytes Viraj Pandya
Feb 27 David Kipping Sam Goldstein (Columbia physics) Austen Gabrielpillai (CUNY postbac) Lorenzo Sironi (neutrinos from ngc 1068)
March 5 Szabi Marka Konstantinos Kritos Albert C. Zhang Melinda Yuan
March 12 spring break no talks
March 19 Frits Paerels Slavko Bogdanov Sally Jiang Eddie Berman (Northeastern)
March 26 Marcel Agüeros Keiya Hirashima Elena Giorgi
April 2 Yuri Levin Jaime Pineda Ore Gottlieb Itai Linial
April 9 Kathryn Johnston Lori Porter eclipse pictures
April 16 Jane Huang Brianna Zawadzki Lucas Makinen Brooke Polak (AMNH)
April 23 Frits Paerels undergrad senior projects, and Mayura Balakrishnan, and
Lia Corrales (if we have time)

List of potential speakers (add your name or email Greg Bryan)

Name suggested date (or "any") host (if not local)
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