The new CODA is a place where students and postdocs can practice giving talks. Topics of these talks can be anything from their own research, career advancement and advice (usually from postdocs), pedagogy, diversity etc. There will be normally 2 speakers per a meeting and each talk will be restricted to 15-17 min followed by feedbacks, discussions, and questions, but by request the both slots can be occupied by one speaker.

new CODA Spring 2019

Time: Friday 4-5PM, bi-weekly

Location: Pupin 1402

Date Slot 1 Slot 2
Feb 1 -- --
Feb 15 Moiya Mc Tier Jason Curtis
Mar 1 Siyu He Sarah Hale
Mar 15 Alejandro Núñez Dhruv Desai
Apr 5 John Brewer Luca Comisso
Apr 19 Aaron Tran Adam Wheeler

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If you have any questions and comments, please email Avery (