The idea:

While it is important to look through abstracts on astro-ph every day, no-one has time to actually read every paper. These meetings are an opportunity to learn about papers you may not have read from colleagues - to pool our collective expertise to understand the papers more deeply than we might individually be able to due to time (and brain-size) constraints!

In particular, these meetings are intended to provide an informal forum for the professional development of our junior members (grads and postdocs) to practice their presentation, interaction and listening skills in. (Well, everyone needs to practice these all the time anyway.) Participants should endeavor to keep these pedagogical aims in mind in presentations and discussions.


* Journal club discussion - with preference for fairly recent (last month?) papers, but open for any paper in the literature
* Please record paper you are talking about - in advance if possible
* Note - there is no requirement for others to read the listed papers in advance (although they certainly may!)
* Tuesdays 415pm-445pm and Thursdays 1130am-noon in 1402 (strictly starting/ending on time)
* Bring your own coffee/tea on Tuesdays
* Three 10-min spots "assigned" to volunteers on roster below on a rotating basis
* KVJ/Tiffany/Andrea will chair - please self-assign another if they are absent
* Tiffany (Tues) and Andrea (Thurs) to be in charge of setting up (ready to go on time) and taking down the computer and projector, and reminding speakers (thanks!)
* Assignments will be posted on wiki and announced at beginning of each cycle - if you have conflict with your assignment it is your responsibility to swap with someone and change the wiki. (Email KVJ with problems.)

Paper Presenter Roster - Please update your availability, remove your name entirely to opt out or add your name if you would like to be included.
[name] = Unavailable this semester
name [T] = Tuesday only
name [Th] = Thursday only

Faculty/Research Scientists: Marcel Agueros, Jim Appelgate, Greg Bryan, Zoltan Haiman, Jules Halpern, David Helfand, Kathryn Johnston, David Kipping, Melissa Ness, Jerry Ostriker, Frits Paerels, Joe Patterson, Mary Putman, Caleb Scharf, Lorenzo Sironi, Jacqueline van Gorkom, Slavko Bogdanov, Eric Gotthelf, Mike Hahn, Daniel Savin, Jeno Sokoloski

Postdocs: Jennifer Barnes, Sayak Bose, John Brewer, Kyle Bowen, Ena Choi, Luca Comisso, State Cook, Eric Coughlin, Jason Curtis, Qi Feng, Zhaoming Gan, Kohei Ichikawa, Anna Ijjas, Azadeh Keivani, Daniel Siegel, Elad Steinberg, Nick Stone, Jonathon Zrake

Grads: Matthew Abruzzo, Aliya Babul, Kirsten Blancato, Rafael Colon, Daniel De Felippis, Andrea Derdzinski, Andrew Emerik, Rose Gibson, Julia Gross, Mihir Kulkarni, Iris Lan, Adrian Lucy, Moiya Mc Tier, Nicole Melso, Steven Mohammed, Emily Sandford, Alex Teachy, Aaron Tran, Adam Wheeler, Tomer Yavetz, Jose Zorrilla


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