The idea:

* Journal club discussion - with preference for fairly recent (last month?) papers, but open for any paper in the literature
* Please record paper you are talking about - in advance if possible
* Mondays 1030-1100 and Tuesdays 415pm-445pm in 1402 (strictly starting/ending on time)
* Bring your own coffee/tea on Tuesdays
* Two 10-min spots "assigned" to volunteers on roster below on a rotating basis
* Remaining time for people to bring up particularly interesting abstracts that week
* KVJ will chair - please self-assign another if she is absent
* Sarah (Tues) and Susan (Mon) to be in charge of setting up (ready to go on time) and taking down the computer and projector, and reminding speakers (thanks!)
* Assignments will be posted on wiki and announced at beginning of each month - if you have conflict with your assignment it is your responsibility to swap with someone and change the wiki

Paper Presenter Roster
Faculty/Research Scientists: David K, Jeno, Jim, Jules, Mary, Kathryn, David Helfand, Jacqueline, [Zoltan], Slavko, David Schiminovich, [Mike], Jerry, Lorenzo, [Greg]
Postdocs: Colin, Kohei, Nick, Chervin, Ruth
Grads: Susan[M], Andrea, Aleksey, Andrew, Yong, Sarah, David Hendel, Emily, Zephyr, Tiffany

[name] = Unavailable this semester
name [T] = Tuesday only
name [M] = Monday only


Date paper 1 paper 2 paper 3
Mon Jan 23th Slavko Zephyr Aleksey
Tues Jan 24th Yong Sarah
Mon Jan 30th David K Kohei Susan
Tues Jan 31st Mary 1610.05313 Jacqueline 1701.034672v2.pdf David Hendel
Mon Feb 6th Nick Chervin
Tues Feb 7th colloquium colloquium colloquium
Mon Feb13th Tiffany Andrea 1702.02149
Tues Feb 14th Ruth Kathryn 1702.01743
Mon Feb 20th Colin 1701.04396 Jerry Jeno
Tues Feb 21st David S 1702.06116 David Helfand Emily 1702.03386
Mon Feb 27th Jules Jim Andrew
Tues Feb 28th David Hendel Yong 1702.06143 Sarah 1702.02543
Mon March 6th Nick Chervin David K
Tues March 7th Slavko Zephyr Aleksey 1611.00512
Mon Feb13th Spring Spring Spring
Tues Feb 14th Break Break Break
Mon March 20th Colin 1703.04683 Jerry Jeno
Tues March 21st David S David Helfand Emily
Mon March 27th Andrea 1703.05606 Susan 1701.07835 Kohei 1703.07480
Tues March 28th Ruth Kathryn 1703.05838 Stephanie
Mon April 3rd Slavko Jacqueline Tiffany 1703.10432
Tues April 4th Lorenzo Jules 1612.03163 Jim
Mon April 10th Mary Zephyr 1704.02067 1610.06577 Aleksey 1704.01668
Tues April 11th Stephanie Kohei Sarah 1611.04600
Mon April 17th David K Yong 1606.09252 Susan
Tues April 18th Mary Jacqueline David Hendel
Mon April 24th Nick Chervin Andrea
Tues April 25th David S Kathryn 1704.05463 Emily 1704.06260 and 1704.06317