Pizza Lunch is our the weekly gathering of the Astronomy Department to make announcements, learn about visitors for the week and (most importantly) talk to each other about science we're interested in. Visitors are invited to tell us a little about what they are working on (chalkboard-style for 5-10 mins or less), but the majority of the time is reserved for local faculty, research scientists, postdocs, grads and undergrads. Please contact Lorenzo or Jacqueline if you are interested in speaking, or want to suggest someone else as a speaker"

Date Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject
jan 17 David H., Alex, Stephanie Jan 2017 AAS meeting Lorenzo, David K, Greg plans for next semester
Jan 24 Kathryn plans for next semester Slavko localizing FRB Brian interpreting the event Sasha Philippov pulsars
Jan 31 Kathryn, Frits, Mary plans for next semester Mary a cluster of dwarfs
Feb 7 Lauren Anderson (CCA) Eli Waxman AMS Statia Cook ice giant planet atmospheres Celine Boehm Theia
Feb 14 Matteo Cantiello (CCA) Ben Pope Zoltan GW
Feb 21 Jonathan Zrake pulsar winds Kohei Ichikawa dying AGNs Kirsten Blancato Implications of galaxy buildup for putative IMF variations in massive galaxies
Feb 28 Tjitske Starkenburg David Kipping seven new earthsNick Stone APS meeting
March 7 Sarah Pearson Pal 5 & the Galactic Bar Michael Allison Juno/Jupiter Zephyr fast and slow rotators in Illustris
March 14 springbreak
March 21 Jeno time domain astronomy in the IR Andrei Beloborodov FRBs and magnetars Rose impostor syndrome
March 28 CCA people local group
April 4 Jason Curtis Is the Sun sun-like? Zoltan the first massive black holes
April 11 Slavko Bogdanov star in closest known orbit around back hole Zoltan More interesting papers Daniel DeFelippis? Galactic winds in Illustris disk galaxies
April 18 Jerry David Schiminovich Kirsten
April 25 all march for science Emily The Effects of Dark Matter Subhalos on Tidal Streams Stephanie Rose & Moiya stereotype threat
May 2 graduating seniors