Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2016

Talks are held in the 1402 Pupin beginning at 4:15 pm, and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Date Name Institution Title Abstract Host
January 20 Jessica Werk University of Washington TBD Abstract? Jacqueline
January 27 Heidi Newberg RPI TBD Abstract? Kathryn
Thursday February 4 Wayne Rosing LCOGTN TBD Abstract? Kathryn
Friday February 12 Alan Stern TBD Bishop Lecture Abstract? Kathryn
February 17 Imre Bartos Columbia Multimessenger astrophysics during Advanced LIGO's First Year and Beyond Abstract? TBD
February 24 Saleem Zaroubi Kapteyn Institute TBD Abstract? Jacqueline
March 2 Charlie Conroy Harvard TBD Abstract? Jacqueline
March 9 James Guillochon Harvard TBD Abstract? Nick S
March 16 Springbreak - No Colloquium
March 23 Pau Seoane Relativistic mergers of black hole binaries TBD Abstract? TBD
March 30 Nanda Rea ICE Magnetars life cycle: birth, evolution and death Abstract Eric
April 6th Kat Deck Caltech TBD Abstract? David K
April 13th Jason Wright Penn State TBD Abstract? David K
April 20th Marc Kuchner NASA Goddard Marketing for Scientists Abstract? David K
April 27th Greg Laughlin UC Santa Cruz TBD Abstract? David K
May 4th Graduating PhD Students Columbia TBD Abstract? Department