Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2014

Talks are held in 329 Pupin beginning at 4:15 pm, and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Date Name Institution Title Abstract Host
January 29 Gianluca Masi CANCELED tbd tbd Abstract? Joe
February 5 Samuel Finn Penn State Pulsar Timing and Gravitational Wave Astronomy Abstract? Frits
February 12 Daniela Calzetti U. Mass Nearby Galaxies: Evolution in Your Neighborhood Abstract? Mary
February 19 Takamitsu L. Tanaka MPA Where do supermassive black holes come from? Abstract? Zoltan
February 26 Ann Zabludoff Univ. of Arizona Deficit Spending and the Cluster Baryon Budget Abstract? tbd
March 5 Ben R. Oppenheimer American Museum of Natural History Remote Reconnaissance of Exosolar Systems Abstract? Daniel
March 12 Dennis Zaritsky Univ. of Arizona The Stellar Initial Mass Functions Abstract? tbd
March 26 Igor Moskalenko Stanford Univ. Galactic Cosmic Rays and Associated Photon Emissions Abstract? Daniel
April 2 Amber,Lam,Alberto,Brad BICEP2 discussion: Have we detected a smoking gun for inflation? tbd Abstract? tbd
April 9 Lars Bildsten UCSB Bishop Lecture Abstract? Frits
April 16 Mark Dijkstra MPA Garching Probing Galaxies and their Environment in the Lyman Alpha Emission Line Abstract? Zoltan
April 23 Eric Bell Univ. of Michigan What can we learn about how the Milky Way and similar galaxies came to be? Abstract? Mary
April 30 Gurtina Besla Columbia The Dwarf Galaxy Zoo Abstract? tbd
May 7 Lia Corrales, Erika Hamden, Jenna Lemonias, Yuan Li Columbia various Abstract? tbd