Title: The Magellanic Stream: Probing the Baryon Cycle in the Galactic Halo

Abstract: The inflow of gas onto galaxies is a key driver of their formation and evolution. A prime local example of a gas flow is the Magellanic Stream (MS), a massive tail of material stripped out of the Magellanic Clouds and extending for 140 degrees across the Southern sky. The MS appears to be fragmenting and evaporating as it interacts with the hot Galactic corona, and it remains unclear how much of its neutral gas will survive to reach the Galactic disk to fuel future star formation. I will present recent results from a multi-wavelength program to observe the MS in absorption, using UV (HST/COS) and optical (VLT/UVES) spectroscopy. The chemical abundances and physical conditions we derive constrain the origin and fate of the Stream.