Daryl Haggard (Northwestern)

Prospects for Observing the Sgr A*/G2 Encounter

The recent discovery of a dense, cold cloud (dubbed 'G2') approaching the SMBH at our Galactic Center offers an unprecedented opportunity to test models of AGN accretion and its associated feedback. G2's orbit is eccentric and the cloud already shows signs of tidal disruption by the black hole. High-energy emission from Sgr A* will likely increase significantly due to this encounter, peaking at pericenter (mid-to-late 2013). This encounter is also likely to ignite flares across the electromagnetic spectrum --- multiwavelength monitoring of the event is thus critical for constraining theories that seek to explain the cloud's origins and structure, as well as the evolution of the SMBH's activity during the deposit of G2's gas into Sgr A*'s sphere of influence. I will summarize what we know about the SgrA*/G2 encounter, outline the theoretical work that has been done to-date, and describe some of the multiwavelength observing programs planned for the coming year.