Pizza Lunch is our the weekly gathering of the Astronomy Department to make announcements, learn about visitors for the week and (most importantly) talk to each other about science we're interested in. Visitors are invited to tell us a little about what they are working on (chalkboard-style for 5-10 mins or less), but the majority of the time is reserved for local faculty, research scientists, postdocs, grads and undergrads."

Date Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject
Jan 15
Jan 22 Eli Visbal (Harvard)
Jan 29 Joo Heon Yoon Astronomy Paper Statistics Zoltan Dan
Feb 5 Dan black hole- neutron star mergers Marcel why we don't know what we are doing with admissions Julio Chaname (PUC)
Feb 12 Lam gravitational waves Josh dust Andrei GeV neutrino's
Feb 19 Josh DUST Joe et al Nova conference
Feb 26 Jeff Oishi (AMNH) Matt
March 5 Brian Metzger TBA Munier
March 12 Matt a workshop Josh Hubble fellow symposium
March 19 spring break
March 26 Lam, Zoltan and everybody else Planck results
April 2 Adrian Zoltan Black Hole conference
April 9 Giovanni Strazzulla (Cantania) Ions/astrochemistry/astrobiology Summer Science@Columbia blogging opportunity Slavko Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer frits japan
April 16 Zoltan Constraining warm dark matter with lensed z=10 galaxies
April 23 Mike Zingale (Stony Brook) Mary Zoltan weak lensing Glenn Jones new pulsar instrument
April 30 Josh Peek some musings Brian Metzger Lia Frits POSS as art
May 7 Columbia Undergrads