Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2013

Talks are held in 329 Pupin beginning at 4:15 pm, and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Date Name Institution Title Abstract Host
January 23 Charles Hailey Columbia University First results from the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) Mission Abstract Jacqueline
January 30 Benjamin Oppenheimer Leiden University A Full-Scale Intervention of How Galaxies Form with New Constraintsfrom the Circumgalactic Medium Abstract Mary
February 6 Ben Brown Wisconsin Wreath-building stellar dynamos: how stars like our Sun get their spots? Abstract Marcel
February 13 Dale Kocevski University of Kentucky Illuminating the Black Hole – Galaxy Connection with CANDELS Abstract Jacqueline
February 20 Alberto Sesana Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics Massive black hole binaries: formation, dynamics and gravitational waves Abstract Zoltan
February 27 Lars Hernquist Harvard Cosmology on a Moving Mesh Abstract Gurtina
March 6 Lucianne Walkowicz Princeton Understanding Exoplanets in Light of their Host Stars: Stellar Astrophysics and Kepler Abstract Marcel
March 13 Sheila Kannappan UNC Global Gas Content Trends Across the Galaxy Population Abstract Jacqueline
March 27 Dan Weisz U. Washington Dissecting Galaxies One Star at a Time Abstract Gurtina
April 3 Maryam Modjaz NYU Stellar Forensics with Explosions: Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and their Environments Abstract Jacqueline
April 10 Stella Offner Yale Through the Looking Glass: Matching Observational Diagnostics with Simulations of Star Formation Abstract Gurtina
April 19 FRIDAY Alyssa Goodman Harvard Seamless Astronomy...and The Bones of the Milky Way ---The BISHOP Lecture Abstract Frits
April 24 Anna Frebel MIT Stellar Archaeology: New Science with Old Stars Abstract Marcel
May 1 Ed Stone Caltech The Voyager Journey to the Edge of Interstellar Space Abstract Arlin
May 3 Harvey Richer UBC Big Apple Colloquium at AMNH:
White Dwarfs - all you need to know about the Universe-- 3:30 at AMNH
Abstract Mike Shara
May 8 Graduating Students Columbia University Abstract