Special Seminars / Spring 2012

Talks are held on Thursdays at 4:15 pm in Pupin. Note that ALL talks must be a maximum of 30 minutes long (even if there is only one speaker). Hosts should inform speakers of this requirement.

Date Name Institution Title Abstract Host
January 19 Claire Lackner/ Jing Wang Princeton University / MPA Garching Astrophysically Motivated Bulge Disk Decompositions in SDSS / New Observational Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Galactic Disks through Gas Accretion and Bar-Driven Inflows Abstract Jacqueline/David S.
Feb 2nd Jeremy Tinker NYU The Red Sequence and How It Got That Way Abstract Kathryn
February 16 John ZuHone GSFC The Physics of Gas Sloshing in Cool-Core Galaxy Clusters Abstract Matt Turk
February 23 Francesco Massaro Stanford/SLAC A "WISE" view of the Unidentified gamma-ray sources: hunting Gamma-Ray Blazars Abstract Reshmi Mukherjee
March 7th Kim Coble Chicago State University Note: this talk and discussion will take 1 hour/ South Africa 2011: Report from the International Conference on Women in Physics Abstract Kathryn
March 22nd Nitya Kallivayalil Yale Towards a 1% Proper Motion Measurement for the LMC Abstract Kathryn
April 5 Filippo Fraternali / Alexander Tchekhovskoy U of Bologna / Princeton University Supernova-driven Gas Accretion / Getting the Most out of a Black Hole Abstract Ryan/Jacqueline/Andrei
April 19 Art Wolfe / Laura Chomiuk UCSD / CfA Damped Lyman alpha Absorption Systems: Neutral Gas Reservoirs for Star Formation in Early Galaxies / Type Ia Supernovae and Their Environments: Multi-Wavelength Constraints on Progenitor Systems Abstract Mary / Jeno
April 26 Marieangela Lisanti Princeton A Flow of Dark Matter Debris: Exploring New Possibilities for Substructure Abstract Maureen/Kathryn
May 3 Demitri Muna / Kaitlin Kratter NYU / CfA TBA / Dynamical Instabilities in Hierarchical Star and Planetary Systems Abstract Adrian PW / Matt Turk
May 10 Joel Green U Texas The Herschel View of Protostellar Systems TBA Josh P
July 12 Ruben Sanchez-Janssen ESO The AVOCADO Survey: A Virtual Observatory Census to Address Dwarfs Origins Abstract Gurtina