Pizza Lunch Spring 2012

Pizza lunch is held in Pupin 1402 at 12:00pm on Tuesday.

Date Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject
Jan 17 Everyone AAS
Jan 24
Jan 31 Matt yt conference Andreas Model-based prediction Cameron Higher-order RT
Feb 7 Zoltan Aspen Conference Matt Turk Magnetic Fields in Pop III Star Formation Josh Peek
Feb 14 Everyone Advertising to Prospective Undergradate Students
Feb 21 Ryan Joung Warm Accretion Rachel Rosen New States of Matter in White Dwarf Stars Kathryn/Lauren/Duane/Gurtina KITP conference summary
Feb 28 Christine Simpson Reionization and feedback as star-formation regulators in dwarf galaxy models Zoltan Haiman What dictates the global star-formation rate at the end of the dark age ? Greg Bryan
Mar 6 Joo Heon Yoon Warm gas in the Virgo Cluster Frits Paerels Astro-H Jules Halpern
Mar 13 Gurtina Besla M31 proper motion Kevin Covey M-dwarf metallicities from NIR spectra Adam Kraus Planet formation
Mar 20 Gurtina Besla Local Group Timing Mass Kathryn Johnston Making Galactic Connections
Mar 27 Franck Marchis Multiple Asteroid Systems: From ground-based observations to a space mission concept Duane Lee
Apr 3 Ximena Fernandez Cold Halo Gas Arlin Crotts Conference Review
Apr 10 Raja Guhathakurta Stellar Kinematics in the Inner Regions of the Andromeda Galaxy Nick Bate Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey
Apr 17Josh Shiode Wave-Driven Mass Loss in the Last Year of Stellar Evolution: Setting the Stage for the Most Luminous Core-Collapse Supernovae Jeff Andrews White Dwarf Natal Kicks Josh Schroeder Detection of Gunn-Peterson Damping Wings in High-z Quasar Spectra: Evidence for Incomplete Reionization
Apr 24 Art Wolfe Star Formation Efficiency at High-z Sheetal Saxena Fermi Analysis of Radio Galaxies at Barnard College
May 1 Undergrads Thesis talks
May 8Bruno Giacomazzo General Relativistic Simulations of Binary Neutron Star Mergers