Public Outreach Lecture Series / Spring 2012

This is a lecture series put on for the benefit of the public. Each lecture lasts approximately 30 minutes and is accompanied by 1.5 hours of star-gazing on the roof if the weather cooperates. Talks are targeted at the astronomical-education level of a layperson (oftentimes children are in attendance). Talks typically meet in Pupin 301; directions will be provided around the observatory to the lecture on each given night. For more information, go to the Wiki Outreach webpage or the Public Outreach webpage.

If you're interested in giving an outreach lecture in a coming semester, please contact Summer.

Date Speaker Title Start Time Abstract
Feb 3 Jana Grcevich Top 11 Astronomy Stories of 2011 7:00PM Abstract
Feb 17 Maureen Teyssier Our Human Search for Life in the Universe 7:00PM Abstract
Mar 2 Arlin Crotts The New Moon 7:00PM Abstract
Mar 16 Gurtina Besla Galactic Neighborhood Watch 8:00PM Abstract
Mar 30 Greg Bryan Space Rocks in the Neighborhood: The Dangers of Near Earth Objects 8:00PM Abstract
Apr 13 Brandon Horn Where the Ocean Meets the Sky 8:00PM Abstract
Apr 27 Christine Simpson How is a Hubble image made? 8:00PM Abstract
May 11 Cameron Hummels The Immortal Quantum: Following Energy in the Universe 8:00PM Abstract