Galaxies' Lunch Topic Series / Spring 2012

Galaxies' Lunch is held every Thursday @noon in RM 1402 (Astronomy Library). Please bring a lunch and join us if
you are interested in and/or study:

1) Observations of
2) Simulations of
3) Theories of

galaxy formation, growth, and evolution. It is an informal meeting with an aim to bring together various viewpoints
and expertise in the areas of galactic and extragalactic astronomy. The meetings cover a range of ideas including star
clusters and gas clouds as integral parts in the understanding of galaxy structure and evolution up to how galaxies
themselves serve as parts of the Universe in a cosmological context.

We will select a couple of people each week to lead an INFORMAL discussion for the following week with the
understanding that anyone should bring up science ideas, pertinent to the group, at any time. This semester's
schedule of topic coordinators is listed below:

Date Topic Coordinator Topic References/Links
January 26 Duane Lee Organization of Topics
February 2 Allyson Sheffield Research
February 9 Duane & Lauren / Kathryn Research Posters / Outflow effects on DM density profiles
February 16 TBA TBA
February 23 Gurtina, Duane, Lauren & Kathryn KITP Dwarf Galaxy Conference
March 1 Martin Bureau (Oxford University) Cold Gas Accretion
March 8 Kim Coble (Chicago State University) Investigating Student Understanding of Cosmology (Talk) Abstract
March 22 David Schiminovich Angular Momentum An incomplete bibliography can be found [here.] We will discuss recent papers by Brook, Sharma, Pichon, Stewart and Kimm
March 29 Duane & Greg Globular Cluster Formation
April 5 Maureen Teyssier Hypervelocity Stars I will summarize the observed population of hypervelocity stars, theoretical methods of generation, and what hypervelocity stars may tell us about the galactic center, the galactic potential, and galaxy formation. References: Abadi09, Hills88 (the seminal paper).
April 12 TBA Gaseous halo: Observations
April 19 TBA Gaseous halo: Simulations
April 26 Ryan Joung Molecular Gas at High z