Special Seminars / Spring 2011

These mini-seminars take place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in room Pupin 1402. Note that ALL talks must be a maximum of 30 minutes long (even if there is only one speaker). Hosts should inform speakers of this requirement.

Date Location Time Speaker Institution Title Abstract Host
Jan 6 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Bryan Gaensler U. Sydney The Magnetic Universe Abstract Mary Putman
Jan 27 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Joanne Bibby AMNH Wolf-Rayet stars as supernova progenitors Abstract Maryam Modjaz
Feb 3 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Lorenzo Sironi Princeton Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Magnetized Astrophysical Shocks Andrei Beloborodov
Feb 10 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Benjamin Johnson IAP Galaxies in the Local Volume: Star formation history and SED fitting Abstract David S.
Feb 17 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Jeanette Gladstone U. Alberta Observations of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources Abstract Joe
March 101402 Pupin 4:15PM / 4:45PM Juri Poutanen / Indrek Vurm University of Oulu / Hebrew University of Jerusalem Fermi observation of blazars and implications for the origin of their gamma-ray emission / Collisional dissipation in magnetized GRB jets Andrei Beloborodov
March 241402 Pupin 4:15PM Jason Melbourne Caltech The Contribution of Evolved Stars to the Near-IR Luminosities of Galaxies: Implications for Stellar Mass Estimates of High Redshift Galaxies Hugh Crowl
April 7 Wendy Freedman OCIW Bampton Lecture series David H
April 14 Wendy Freedman OCIW Bampton Lecture series David H
April 21 1402 Pupin 4:15PM / 4:45 PM Hendrik van Eerten / Asaf Pe'er NYU/CfA GRB afterglows from jet simulation to light curve / A New Model of Emission from Microquasar Jets, and Possible Explanation to the Outliers of the Fundamental Plane Abstract Maryam Modjaz/Andrei Beloborodov
April 28 1402 Pupin 3:45-4:15pm
Mark Dijkstra /
Blake Bullock
MPA Garching /
Northrup Grummon Aerospace Systems
JWST: Lyman Alpha Emitters during the Epoch of Reionization
JWST: the view from a career in technology development and science policy.
Abstract Zoltan /
Kathryn J
May 12 1402 Pupin 4:15pm
John Wise
Britton Smith
Michigan State
The Imprint of Population III on the First Galaxies
The Nature of the Missing Baryons
May 19 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Kimitake Hayasaki Kyoto University Mergers of Supermassive Black Holes with Gas Disks Abstract Zoltan
May 26 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Kartik Sheth NRAO The starring role of bars in galaxy evolution: results from COSMOS, S4G and DEEP2 David S.
June 9 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Andrew Benson /
Prasenjit Saha
Caltech /
University of Zurich
"What I cannot create, I do not understand": A galaxy builder's toolkit /
Relativity and the Galactic-center Stars
Abstracts Zoltan /
Dan D'O
June 16 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Maria Pereira
Eilat Glikman
A census of star formation in galaxy clusters at z~0.2 with Herschel and Hectospec: The impact of environment and substructure dynamics on cluster galaxy populations. /
Assembling the Universe: Formation of Black Holes and the First Stars at High Redshift
Greg /
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