Pizza Lunch, Spring 2011

Pizza lunch is a proud and venerable tradition of the Columbia Astronomy department, whose only constants seem to be the eating of pizza and the giving of announcements. Three or four presenters will be scheduled each week to guide discussions or presentations on topics of their choosing, though we will attempt to add in any spontaneous contributions as well. Each presenter is expected to speak / guide discussion for between 10 and 15 minutes.

Pizza is $1 per slice for members of the department to defray costs. Visitors eat free of charge.

Read below for the intended format of the presentations.

Date Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject
Feb. 1 Eric Gotthelf Anti-Magnetars Matt Turk First Stars
Feb. 8 Frits Paerels Gravitational wave astronomy Nithya Transients in FIRST
Feb. 15 Sjoert van Velzen Tidal disruption events Alex Material Science conference
Feb. 22 Jules Magnetars Jemma Pop III stars
Mar. 1 Jules MDM Joo recent paper Zoltan recent conference
Mar. 8 Ivan Magnetars Kristen WD tidal stripping
Mar. 22 David S. GALEX transits Ryan Halo clouds
Mar. 29 Joe Precession of the Moon
Apr. 5 Ron Ekers 21cm detection project Xiuyuan Weak lensing peaks
Apr. 12 David H. AAS Future Jules New type of X-ray transient
Apr. 19 Munier Grad. Project Frits From IXO to Lazarus Jennifer Grad. Project |
Apr. 26 Daniel Szomoru compact galaxies at z=2 Marcel MEARIM-II conference, SA Blake & James Bullock
May 3 Laura & David Senior Theses Lauren & Brandon Grad. Projects

The presentations should fit one or more of the following descriptions:

— Casual, but well researched, discussions and questions about topics relevant to astronomy today. The speaker need not get up from her seat, and discussions do not need to have visual aides.

— Presentations of recent work by the author or others, with a focus on interesting, provocative results. Presenters are encouraged to pose genuine questions to the group. We strongly encourage presenters to limit themselves to presenting 2 relevant figures from the work, either through the projector or through handouts. A whiteboard is provided; we strongly encourage speakers to take advantage of it.

— "Advertisements" of ongoing or recent work, especially by visitors or new department members. These should not be cohesive, slide-heavy "talks", but should rather be the presentation of a few interesting results or ideas that the speaker is interested in discussing with members of the department during her stay.

Pizza lunch is not a space for formal "talks", and especially not talks based heavily on slideware. Wednesday colloquium and Thursday seminar is the appropriate department venue for such talks. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, we want to make this space available for a more informal mode of group communication. Secondly, all graduate students are required (see the graduate student handbook) to speak at pizza lunch once each year, and we do not want to put the onus upon them to make overwrought slide presentations.

Hosts are responsible for communicating the (admittedly somewhat strange) format of pizza lunch to their visitors. If either you or your visitors do not follow the format of pizza lunch you will be treated to either the quiet but stern disapproval of Ryan or being hung out the 13th floor by your ears by Josh.

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