Schedule for Spring 2011

Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2011

Talks are held in Pupin 428, beginning at 4:15pm, and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Date Speaker Institution Title Abstract Host
January 26 - Bishop Lecture Nick Scoville Caltech Evolution of Cosmic Large Scale Structure and Galaxies from the COSMOS Survey Abstract Jacqueline
February 2 Andrew West Boston University Not your parents' M dwarfs: What low-mass stars can tell us about magnetic fields, Galactic dynamics, the distribution of dust and the widest binaries in the Milky Way Abstract Marcel
February 9 Daniel Fabrycky UCSC Planetary Systems from Kepler Abstract Kristen / Jeno
February 16 Debra Fischer Yale Searching for Earths Abstract Kathryn J
February 23 Warren Brown CfA, Harvard Black Holes and Hypervelocity Stars Abstract Kathryn J
March 2 Ed Belbruno Princeton Minimal Energy Transfers, Black Hole Dynamics, and Weak Stability Boundaries Abstract Arlin
March 9 - BIG APPLE COLLOQUIUM -- 3:45pm, AMNH Linder Theater Steven Balbus ENS & Princeton The flywheels of helios: making sense of how the Sun (and other stars) go round. Abstract @AMNH
March 23 Daniel Kasen Berkeley What powers the brightest supernovae? Abstract Kristen
March 30 John Johnson Caltech Giant Exoplanets in the Stellar Mass-Metallicity Plane Abstract Marcel
April 6 Wendy Freedman OCIW Bampton Lecture series TBA David H
April 13 Wendy Freedman OCIW Bampton Lecture series TBA David H
April 27 James Bullock UCI A Big Dark Satellite Problem for Cold Dark Matter Abstract Kathryn J
May 4 Graduating Students Columbia PhD talks Abstracts All
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