Astronomy Pizza Lunch / Spring 2010

Talks and Pizza are held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, beginning at 12:00pm. Slices of pizza are $1 each.

Date Speaker Topic Organizer(s)
Jan 19 Everyone AAS & Misc. Winter Fun Sean Carroll's 24 questions Sarah & Destry
Jan 26 Maureen Sarah & Destry
Jules Neutron stars without magnetic fields
Feb 2 Cameron/Josh APPLAUSE award Sarah & Destry
Kathryn J astro-ph 1001.4351
Lia C. Dust in the Formalhaut system
Feb 9 David H. 171 pages of Science Sarah & Destry
Stephanie Stuff
Jeff A Double Neutron Star Formation
Jacqueline Molecular gas in redshift 6 quasar host galaxies []
Feb 16 Jeno EVLA proposal Sarah & Destry
Jason K. Nustar Update Sarah & Destry
Taka massive black hole merger signature vs. intrinsic AGN variability Sarah & Destry
Josh MDM Sarah & Destry
Feb 23 Alex Balloons, Batteries, and CMB Polarization Sarah & Destry
Josh? Science Sarah & Destry
Christine Enzo/Thesis Proposal Sarah & Destry
Barbara C. GASS Sarah & Destry
Mar 2 Zoltan Black holes Josh & Lia
Jules A mystery resolved
Lia Family Astro
Josh Teaching high school cosmology
Mar 9 Frits Astro-H Update Christine
Qian Wang Visitor from Iowa State (Jeno)
Josh Peek
Mar 16 Jess Werk Christine & Destry
Zoltan High redshift universe conference report
Arlin Water INSIDE the Moon, an update
Mar 23 Kathryn J Pisces Overdensity Josh & Lia
Ryan Joung
Andrew et al. Observing class's trip to MDM
Mar 30 Yuan Cluster cooling flows Josh & Lia
Jana Stripping galaxies
Ivan Compact objects of some sort (GRBs or white dwarfs?)
Apr 6 Cameron Hummels Communicating Astronomy Effectively Josh & Lia
Kyle Spectral electrodynamics simulations
Josh James Jeans
Apr 13 Joo Effect of dark matter subhalos on tidal tails. Josh & Lia
Neil NYAS report
Sarah Science on social networks
Apr 20 Mary Putman Conference report Josh & Lia
Colin McNally? Phurbas
Josh Peek New paper
Arlin Obama's space program plans
Apr 27 Marcel Ag├╝eros PTF & CCCP (not that one) Josh & Lia
Jennifer Weston
Greg Bryan?
May 4 UGs Undergraduate research presentations Josh & Lia
moved to Room 1332
May 11 Sarah Lia!
Cien Weak lensing errors for standard sirens
Duane Conference review
May 18 Sign up!
May 25 Sign up!

Faculty, research staff and students: If you have a visitor coming for a given week, please contact the person in charge for that week. Also be sure to add the visitor's name to the visitor page. The goal is to allow all visitors the chance to lead a brief discussion of their research.

Speakers: We aim for informal discussions about 10-20 minutes in length. Powerpoint presentations are prohibited, but a projector will be available for relevant images.