Synergistic Transient Searches in the Ultraviolet and Optical

Suvi Gezari (JHU)

Motivated by the successful discovery of UV/optical transients with serendipitous contemporaneous observations between the GALEX Deep Imaging Survey and the optical CFHT Legacy Deep Survey, GALEX has begun a dedicated time domain survey that operates in parallel with the Pan-STARRS Medium Deep Survey. With simultaneous UV and optical coverage of 7 square degrees of sky with a cadence of days, we have the unique ability to detect UV bright phenomena at early times, including hot ejecta from shock breakout in core-collapse SNe, and to probe the simultaneous UV and optical properties of variable AGNs and flares from dormant supermassive black holes caught in the act of tidally disrupting a star. In this talk, I will present our transient detection and classification methods and the first results of our survey.