Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2010

Talks are held in Pupin 329, beginning at 4:15pm (unless otherwise noted), and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Who Institution Title Abstract Host:
January 27 Mark Reid Harvard-Smithsonian CfA "Measuring the Cosmos" Abstract Host: Jeno S
February 5:
Lloyd Knox UC Davis Anisotropies in the infrared background as a probe of the complete history of star formation Abstract Host: Zoltan
February 17 Eric Gotthelf Columbia Anti-Magnetars: An Exotic New Class of High Energy Pulsars Abstract Host: Jeno S
February 24 Vicky Kaspi Mcgill 'Grand Unification' in Neutron Stars Abstract Host: Jeno S
March 3 Jack Hughes Rutgers University First Results from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope: SZ Detections of Galaxy Clusters Abstract Host: Zoltan
March 10 Dusan Keres Harvard/CFA How do galaxies get their gas? Abstract Host: Mary
March 24 Tommaso Treu UCSB New observational tests of the LCDM (with pesky baryons) paradigm Abstract Host: David S
March 31 Jenny Greene Princeton University Beyond the M-sigma relation: Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution Abstract Host: Kathryn J
April 7 Daniel Apai STScI The Formation of Planets around the Sun and Other Stars Abstract Host: Caleb
April 14 Suvi Gezari JHU Synergistic Transient Searches in the Ultraviolet and Optical Abstract Host: David S
April 16: 3:00 PM
ROOM 428
Joan Centrella GSFC BIG APPLE COLLOQUIUM: Black Hole Mergers, Gravitational Waves, and Numerical Relativity Abstract Host: David S
April 21 Angela Speck University of Missouri Through The Looking Glass: A Re-analysis of Silicate Dust Spectral Features Abstract Host: Jeno S
April 28 Phil Hopkins UC Berkeley How do Massive Black Holes Get their Gas? Abstract Host: Zoltan
May 3: 4:15 PM
ROOM 428
Rashid Sunyaev MPA, Munich Accretion of gas with small angular momentum onto supermassive black holes in elliptical galaxies Abstract Host: Zoltan
May 5
4:00 PM
Graduating Students
Emily Rauscher,
Cien Sheng,
Stephanie Tonnesen,
Sarah Tuttle,
Jessica Werk
Columbia Modeling Hot Jupiter Atmospheres: Probing a New Regime of Circulation and
SMBH Formation by Direct Collapse: Keep Protogalactic Gas Free of Hydrogen Molecules and
A Tale of Tails and
FIREBall - The Faint Intergalactic Redshifted Emission Balloon and
Star Formation on the Fringes: The Frequency and Nature of Outlying HII Regions
Abstract Host: DS + advisors
May 19: SPECIAL SUMMER COLLOQUIUM Niv Drory MPE The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) Abstract Host: David S/Tuttle