Special Seminars / Spring 2009

These mini-seminars take place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in room 1402. Note that ALL talks must be a maximum of 30 minutes long (even if there is only one speaker). Hosts should inform speakers of this requirement.

Jan 29 1402 Pupin 4:15PM M. Ali Alpar Sabanci U. Fallback Disks and Magnetars [Abstract] Host: Jules Halpern
Feb 5 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Manu Linares University of Amsterdam Accreting Neutron Stars Abstract Host: Frits Paerels
Feb 19 1402 Pupin 4:15pm Andy Gould OSU, Bishop Lecturer Resolving Microlensing Degeneracies [Abstract] Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
March 12 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Jill Tarter SETI [Abstract] Note probably 1 hour talk Host: Caleb Scharf
March 26 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Ron Ekers/ Michael Kuhlen CSIRO, Sydney/ IAS A search for UHE neutrinos looking for Cerenkov pulses from the Moon/Implications of Galactic Substructure for (In)direct Detection of Dark Matter [Abstract] Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom/ Kathryn V Johnston
April 2 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Raja Guhathakurta UCSC The SPLASH Survey and Progress Stages of Hierarchical Galaxy Formation [Abstract] Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
April 9 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Elena d'Onghia CfA The Origin of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies [Abstract] Host: Kathryn Johnston
April 16 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Dimitri Veras U.Florida Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Planets Beyond 100 AU [Abstract] Host: Kristen Menou
April 23 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Ricardo Munoz Yale Exploring the Extended Structure of Galactic Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies [Abstract] Host: Kathryn Johnston
April 30 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Yuri Levin Leiden Fast secular instability of eccentric stellar discs near supermassive black holes, with application to the Galactic Center [Abstract] Host: Andrei Beloborodov
May 14 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Laura Chomiuk Madison A Universal Luminosity Function for Supernova Remnants Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom