Astronomy Pizza Lunch / Spring 2009

Talks and Pizza are held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, beginning at 12:00pm. Slices of pizza are $1 each.

Date Speaker Topic Host
Jan 27 David Hogg Orbital roulette Kristen Astroph Papers
Feb 3 Nithya, Christine, Erika, Cameron, Maureen, Sarah, Maria, Andrew. Everybody: local white papers & decadal survey exercise Recent conferences (Pune, Canary, Long Beach) Kristen Astroph Papers
Feb 10 Frits, Zoltan, Kristen Astro2010 whitepapers Kristen Astroph Papers
Feb 17 Mary, Mordecai, Thomas Peters (Heidelberg) Astro2010 whitepapers, Massive star formation Kristen Astroph Papers
Feb 24 Arlin, Jules, Daniel Astro2010 whitepaper, slow pulsars, NSF GRFP Kristen Astroph Papers
Mar 3 Kathryn , David S. + Cameron, Marcel, Ximena, Nitza, Duane, Lia Astro2010 whitepaper & constraint on dark sector force, Nature paper, Galileoscope, National Society for Black/Hispanic Physicists meeting Kristen Astroph Papers
Mar 10 Joe Are there limits to Olympic performance? Kristen Astroph Papers?
Mar 17 Spring Break Kristen Astroph Papers?
Mar 24 Jen, Sarah Dark matter free galaxies, Fireball Kristen Astroph Papers?
Mar 31 Jeno, Jacqueline Arizona conference, Contributions to Astro2010 NYC Town Hall meeting Kristen Astroph Papers
Apr 7 Taka, Zoltan Baltimore workshop, Irvine conference Kristen Astroph Papers
Apr 14 H.-W. Rix, E. Tasker Galactic structure, Galaxy formation Kristen Astroph Papers
Apr 21 Kristen BH mergers Kristen Astroph Papers
Apr 28 Frits, David Martinez-Delgado, Yuri Levin Distant GRB, Galaxies, Pulsar Networks Kristen Astroph Papers
May 5 Special Graduating students day Kristen

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Faculty, research staff and students: If you have a visitor coming for a given week, please contact the person in charge for that week (do not modify this page yourself). Also be sure to add the visitor's name to the visitor page. The goal is to allow all visitors the chance to lead a brief discussion of their research.

Speakers: We aim for informal discussions about 10-20 minutes in length. Powerpoint is discouraged, but permitted for particularly relevant images.