Astronomy Journal Club / Spring 2009

Journal club is held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, every Friday beginning at 1:00 pm. Desserts and coffee will be free for the taking.

Organized by Jacqueline

Date Presenter Paper with link Comments and annotations
Feb 13 Josh Implications of Recent Measurements of the Milky Way Rotation for the Orbit of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Jacqueline Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star Forming Regions:VI. Galactic Structure and Non-circular motions. How big is the MW? this is a draft by Reid et al. Mark Reid will talk at NYU on Feb 19
Feb 20 Bishop Lecture by Andy Gould no journal club today
Feb 27 Erika HI Observations of the Supermassive Binary Black Hole System in 0402+379
David S Physical Conditions in the ISM of Intensely Star-Forming Galaxies at Redshift ~2 Lehnert et al. 2009
Mar 6 Zoltan Accretion Onto Seed Black Holes in the First Galaxies Milosavljevic et al. 2009
Mar 13 Jen The HI content of early-type galaxies from the ALFALFA survey. II. The case of low density environments Grossi et al 2009
Greg Hot gas halos around disk galaxies: Confronting cosmological simulations with observations Rasmussen et al 2009
Mar 27 Jules Ground based gamma-ray astronomy with Cherenkov Telescopes Jim Hinton 2008
Joo Molecular Hydrogen Deficiency In HI – Poor Galaxies and its Implications for Star Formation Fumagalli et al. 2009
Apr 3 Christine On the origin of the 511-keV emission in the Galactic Centre Bandyopadhyay et al. 2009
Jules Ground based gamma-ray astronomy with Cherenkov Telescopes Jim Hinton 2008
Apr 10 Cameron The Formation and Survival of Discs in a Lambda-CDM Universe Scannapieco et al 2009
Kathryn J Gas-Rich Mergers in LCDM: Disk Survivability and the Baryonic Assembly of Galaxies Stewart et al 2009
Apr 17 Destry The Dynamic Radio Sky: An Opportunity for Discovery Lazio et al 2009
Mary The Cosmic Decline in the H2/HI-Ratio in Galaxies D. Obreschkow, S. Rawlings
Apr 24 Town Hall meeting for decadal survey and Big Apple colloquium by Tim Heckman no journal club today
May 1 Duane The metallicity gradient as a tracer of history and structure: the Magellanic Clouds and M33 galaxies Maria-Rosa L. Cioni
Stephanie Ram pressure histories of cluster galaxies M. Brueggen (1), G. De Lucia (2)
May 8
May 15

Please sign up with a link to the paper you would like to discuss, so that people can download a copy beforehand. It is encouraged for you to choose a paper outside of your research topics. Please sign-up WELL in advance and prepare a reasonable length presentation.