Special Seminars / Spring 2008

These mini-seminars take place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in room 1402. The recommended length is 30 minutes (allowing two speakers per week).

Jan 17 1402 Pupin (if available) 4:15PM Jonathan Heiner STScI / Kapteyn Astron. Inst. PDR-Produced HI in M33; Recovering the star formation law Host: Bjorn Emonts
Jan 24
Jan 31 1402 Pupin 4:15PM 1 hr Juri Poutanen Oulu University Photon breeding - a new particle acceleration mechanism and the emission from relativistic jets Host: Andrei Beloborodov
Feb 7 1332 Pupin 4:15PM Ryan Hickox CfA AGN accretion modes, host galaxies, and clustering in the 9 square degree Bootes field Abstract Host: Franz Bauer
Feb 14
Feb 21 1402 Pupin 4:15 PM 1 hr Valentine Wakelam University of Bordeaux Formation and evolution of molecules during star and planet formation Abstract Host: Daniel Wolf Savin
Feb 28
Mar 6
Mar 13
Mar 27 1402 Pupin 4:15 PM 1 hr Xavier Urbain Université catholique de Louvain H- Chemistry in Astrophysical and Laboratory Hydrogen Plasmas Abstract Host: Daniel Wolf Savin
Apr 3 1402 Pupin 4:15 PM 1 hr Andreas Wolf Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics Mechanisms of electron recombination with molecular ions: high resolution electron collisions and fragment imaging Abstract Host: Daniel Wolf Savin
Apr 10 1402 Pupin 4:15 PM 1 hr Aeree Chung Jansky Fellow-- U Mass, Amhearst "12CO (J=1-0) Survey of Local ULIRGs using the Redshift Search Receiver" Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Apr 17
Apr 24
May 1 1402 Pupin 4:15PM 1 hour (SPECIAL ISCAP SEMINAR) Eiichiro Komatsu University of Texas, Austin TBA: Something about WMAP 5-year results and inflation Host: Eugene Lim and Zoltan Haiman
May 8
May 15
May 22
May 29
June 26 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Chris Done University of Durham AGN as scaled up Galactic Binary systems: QPO's and the soft excess Host: Kristen Menou