Astronomy Pizza Lunch / Spring 2008

Talks and Pizza are held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, beginning at 12:00pm. Slices of pizza are $1 each.

date speaker topic host
Jan 15 Jacqueline
Jan 22 Bjorn
Jan 29 Jacqueline
Feb 5 Jacqueline
Feb 12 Young-Wook Lee (Yonsei) extended BHB in GCs Schiminovich
Kristen Menou exoplanetary marketing Hogg
Feb 19 Jarita Holbrook (Arizona) cultural astronomy Johnston
Zoltan Haiman what I learned last week Hogg
Feb 26 Eric Gotthelf pulsars and magnetars Hogg
Marcel Agueros what I learned over the weekend Hogg
Jeremy Schnittman (JHU) afterglows from BH mergers Menou
Mar 4 Arlin Crotts SN 2006X light echoes Hogg
Gabriel E Perez-Giz periodic orbits around black holes Hogg
Mar 11 Antara Basu Zych something GALEX-y Hogg
David Schiminovich something else GALEX-y Hogg
David W. Hogg (NYU) a generative model of the sky Hogg
Mar 18 Kathryn Johnston A practice discussion regarding women in science Tuttle
Bob Becker How to choose the perfect (hawaiian) shirt Tuttle
Mar 25 Marilena LoVerde Does gravitational lensing affect pizza? Tuttle
Stephanie Tonnesen What I learned last week Hogg
Apr 1 Sarah Tuttle A long awaited presentation of FIREBall's first flight Tuttle
Zoltan Haiman My most recent paper / discovery / analysis Hogg
Apr 8 David W. Hogg (NYU) Showing off on YouTube? Hogg
Ari Maller (CUNY) Intrinsic properties Johnston
Greg Bryan SPH vs AMR re: SIDM Hogg
Apr 15 Dave Spiegel Statistics: fitting a line to data! Hogg
Apr 22 Emily Rauscher Something related to data Hogg
Kyle Parfrey Evolution of bias Hogg
Apr 29 Reinhardt Genzel (MPE) Galaxy kinematics at high redshift with VLT Helfand
May 6 Franz Bauer Supernovae like 1987A Hogg
Sanjib Sharma Making histograms correctly Hogg
May 13 Kristen Menou The young Sun problem Hogg
Arlin Crotts Lucky imaging Hogg
May 20 Kathryn Johnston Kepler (the mission) Hogg
Adam Bolton (Hawaii) Galaxy masses from gravitational lensing Hogg
May 27 Alex Bergier Something microlensy Hogg
Jeno Sokoloski NASA senior review Hogg

Faculty, research staff and students: If you have a visitor coming for a given week, please contact the person in charge for that week (do not modify this page yourself). Also be sure to add the visitor's name to the visitor page. The goal is to allow all visitors the chance to lead a brief discussion of their research.

Speakers: We aim for informal discussions about 10-20 minutes in length. Powerpoint is discouraged, but permitted for particularly relevant images.