Astronomy Journal Club / Spring 2008

Journal club is held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, every Friday beginning at 11:30 am. Bagels and coffee are free for the taking.

Organized by Joshua Schroeder

Date Presenter Paper with link Comments and annotations
Jan 11 Jacqueline A minimum Column density of 1 gm cm^-2 for massive star formation
Josh The Tully-Fisher Zero Point Problem AKA: Why do we have the wrong y-intercept?
Emily On Signatures of Atmospheric Features in Thermal Phase Curves of Hot Jupiters Emily wrote this.
Jan 18 Lia Prompt Shocks in the Gas Disk Around a Recoiling Supermassive Black Hole Binary Zoltan came and explained this one.
Duane Downsizing by Shutdown in Red Galaxies Inspiration for this
Schiminovich A STIS Survey for OVI Absorption Systems at 0.12 < z < 0.5 II.: Physical Conditions of the Ionised Gas
Jan 25 Andreas Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe constraints on non-Gaussiantiy Anyone know what a Minkowski functional is?
Schiminovich Why are AGN found in High Mass Galaxies? AKA: Dark matter major mergers are not galaxy major mergers.
Erika Is Dark Energy an Effect of Averaging? Answer: No, it's not.
Feb 1 Kyle Thermal X-rays from Millisecond Pulsars: Constraining the Fundamental Properties of Neutron Stars Getting mass to radius relations for "Jack" and "Jill"
Jim The Destruction of Cosmological Minihalos by Primordial Supernovae Is this where globular clusters come from?
Josh Was the Universe neutral beyond redshift six? Maybe?
Feb 8 Ian The Third Image of the Large-Separation Lensed Quasar SDSS J1029+2623
Kathryn J Dynamical Models of Disk Galaxies with Triaxial Halos
Feb 15 Erika Andromeda XVII: A New Low Luminosity Satellite of M31
Discovery of a Jupiter/Saturn Analog with Gravitational Microlensing This is a pretty exciting lightcurve, check it out!
Schiminovich The chemical evolution of a Milky Way-like galaxy: the importance of a cosmologically motivated infall law
Feb 22 Franz An Extremely Luminous X-ray Outburst Marking the Birth of a Normal Supernova What are the odds?
Josh Discovery of a Very Bright Strongly-Lensed Galaxy Candidate at z ~ 7.6
Erika Magnetar-like Emission from the Young Pulsar in Kes 75 Stay tuned: more at pizza lunch.
Feb 29 Josh A Cosmic Ray Resolution to the Superbubble Energy-Crisis
Maria Is dark matter present in NGC4736? Maybe not? AKA: the press loves a controversy
Emily Rayleigh scattering in the transit spectrum of HD189733b
Mar 7 Kristen We thought we knew stellar structure... Rotating stars have not been sufficiently modeled.
Erika WMAP Haze: Directly Observing Dark Matter? Antimatter nuggets stream through Earth: cause magnitude 6 earthquakes along a straight trajectory through the planet! See Jim for more details.
Mar 14 Joe P. The Future of Ultracool Dwarf Science with JWST
Discovery of the Partially Eclipsing White Dwarf Binary SDSS J143547.87+373338.5
Josh Planck and reionization history: a model selection view
Mar 21 Five-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Cosmological Interpretation Special joint journal club with ISCAP on WMAP-5 papers
Marilena Implications for inflation
Josh Implications for reionization
Kyle Implications for Dark Energy
Mar 28 David W. Hogg XID: Cross-Association of ROSAT/Bright Source Catalog X-Ray Sources with USNO A-2 Optical Point Sources
Joe P. Citation measures and impact within astronomy Why doesn't anyone cite Isaac Newton?
Apr 4 Kathryn S Observations and modelling of a clumpy galaxy at z=1.6: Spectroscopic clues to the origin and evolution of chain galaxies
Erika Observations of the Naked-Eye GRB 080319B: Implications of Nature's Brightest Explosion
Josh The Local Velocity Field Possibly one of the hardest to read plots ever?
Apr 11 Kyle Triple unification of inflation, dark matter, and dark energy using a single field I think I'm officially out of a job.
Josh The SDSS Discovery of a Strongly Lensed Post-Starburst Galaxy at z=0.766
Apr 18 Kathryn Might a laboratory experiment destroy planet earth? (subscription access available through Columbia) Make way for strangelets.
Josh First results from DAMA/LIBRA and the combined results with DAMA/NaI Yearly variability in a noisy signal=dark matter, of course
Apr 25 Greg Dearth of dark matter or massive dark halo? Mass-shape-anisotropy degeneracies revealed by NMAGIC dynamical models of the elliptical galaxy NGC 3379 Dearth Vader returns
Erika Polygons on a Rotating Fluid Surface
May 16 Jeno Binary Star Origin of High Field Magnetic White Dwarfs This interesting theory could have bearing on other problems in stellar evolution besides white dwarf magnetism.
Lia A recoiling supermassive black hole in the quasar SDSSJ092712.65+294344.0?

If you have a paper you would like to discuss, please add it to the wiki with a link so that people can download a copy beforehand. While reading the papers prior to the meeting is encouraged, many people find they enjoy coming even without doing so. We have in the past done as many as five papers in one meeting, but at least two per week is our goal. We also encourage exciting, late-breaking submissions from astro-ph. Bragging rights are given for the most interesting paper mentioned at each journal club.