Astronomy Pizza Lunch / Spring 2007

Talks and Pizza are held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, beginning at 12:00pm. Slices of pizza are $1 each.

Faculty and Students: If you have a visitor coming for a given week this semester who would like to speak, please contact the students in charge for that month.

Also, it is possible (in fact, preferred) to have multiple people give talks for a given pizza lunch. Please do not hesitate to suggest a second/third/Nth speaker for a given pizza lunch date.

Date Talks by Institution Title/Topic Organizing Students
Jan 23 Caleb Scharf Columbia Astrobiology Update Jen & Sarah
Allyson Sheffield University of Virginia Galactic Structure and Dynamics with Late-Type Stars Jen & Sarah
Jan 30 David Helfand Columbia Magnetars are slow after all Jen & Sarah
Barry Rothberg STSci Mergers Jen & Sarah
Feb 6 Eric Bell Max Planck - Heidelberg SDSS views of the stellar halo Emily & Kathryn
Feb 13 Daniel Wolf Savin Columbia Computer Malfunctions, Interstellar Chemistry, and the Local D/H Ratio Emily & Kathryn
Ryan Scranton University of Pittsburgh Google Universe Emily & Kathryn
Feb 20 Feryal Ozel University of Arizona The Magnetar Nature and Outburst Mechanism of a Transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsar Emily & Kathryn
Glennys Farrar NYU A new force in the Dark Sector? Emily & Kathryn
Feb 27 Joanna Dunkley Princeton TBD Emily & Kathryn
Mar 6 Mike Eracleous Penn State Narrow Absorption Lines from Quasar Outflows Cameron & Duane
Mordecai Mac-Low AMNH Planetary Migration in Dead Zones Cameron & Duane
Mar 13? Spring Break TBD TBD Cameron & Duane
Mar 20 Ed Spiegel Columbia University Photo Fluid Dynamics Cameron & Duane
Benjamin Johnson Columbia University What do galaxies look like in the far-infrared and what does that tell us? Cameron & Duane
Mar 27 Jason Tumlinson Yale University Local Group Signatures of the Early Stellar IMF(s) Cameron & Duane
Lev Titarchuk Goddard Space Flight Center Spectral and Timing Properties of Black Hole (BH) and Neutron Star (NS) Sources: X-ray Emergent Spectra of Converging Flow as a BH Spectral Signature Cameron & Duane
Apr 3 Franz Bauer Columbia University The Enigmatic SN 1996cr Maureen & Maria
Stephen Muchovej Columbia University Some results from the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Array Maureen & Maria
Apr 10 Zoltan Haiman Columbia University Two interesting effects from stars and quasars at redshift z~10 that may be observable (or may not) Maureen & Maria
David Helfand Columbia University A colorful view of the Milky Way Maureen & Maria
Apr 17 Andrei Mesinger Yale Efficient "simulations" of early structure formation and reionization Maureen & Maria
David Schiminovich Columbia University Local fare from GALEX Maureen & Maria
Apr 24 Paul Bryans Columbia University Modelling Cosmic Plasmas with Improved Collisional Ionisation Equilibrium Calculations Maureen & Maria
David Hogg NYU Making the Sky Searchable: Blind Astrometry Maureen & Maria
May 1 Jordi Miralda-Escude Barcelona The Stryngbohtyk Model of the Universe: a Solution to the Problem of the Cosmological Constant Maureen & Maria
Benne Holwerda STScI The Opacity of Spiral Galaxies Maureen & Maria
May 8 Marcel Ag├╝eros Columbia University Three things I'm interested in: INSs, LMWDs,and URMs Maureen & Maria
Dan Gezari GSFC Reflections in the Infrared Maureen & Maria