Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2007

Talks are held in Pupin 1332, beginning at 4:15pm, and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Jan 17 Aaron Evans Stony Brook Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Low-Redshift QSO Hosts Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Jan 24 Ann Zabludoff Univ. of Arizona The Importance of Lens Environments Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Jan 31 Dennis Zaritsky Univ. of Arizona How Big are Galaxies? Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Feb 07 Eiichiro Komatsu Univ. of Texas Latest Results from Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe: Three-year Observations Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Feb 14 Elizabeth Barton UC Irvine Understanding Galaxy Interactions Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Feb 21 Joshua Winn MIT The Transit of Exoplanets Abstract Host: Lam Hui
Feb 28 Rosie Wyse Johns Hopkins University Dark Matter on Galactic Scales: The Milky Way and her Dwarfs Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Mar 02 Andrey Kravtsov U. Chicago Cosmological Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies: Status, Problems, Challenges Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Geoff Marcy UC Berkeley Exoplanets: From Giants to Rocky Planets Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Mar 14 Spring Break - No Colloquium
Mar 21 Alessandra Buonanno Univ. of Maryland Binary Black-Hole Coalescence Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Mar 28 Arlin Crotts Columbia University Sources of the Lunar Atmosphere: Key to the Moon's Past and Future Abstract Host: all of us
Apr 04 John Salzer Wesleyan Making Hay with ALFALFA - Properties of Galaxies Discovered in "Blind" HI Surveys Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Apr 11 Alison Farmer Harvard-Smithsonian CfA How to escape from Saturn (and other places) Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Apr 18 Avi Loeb Harvard University Three Astrophysical Laboratories for Particle Physics Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Apr 25 Andrew Mac Fadyen NYU GRBs from Massive Stars Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Room 428, 4pm
Richard Ellis Caltech Characterizing the Sources Responsible for Cosmic Reionization Abstract? Host: David Helfand
May 02 Andreea Petric, Michel Zamojski, Ben Johnson Columbia A Multiwavelength Approach to Determining the Properties of Dust in Different Astrophysical Environments;Probing the build-up of the Hubble sequence and its relation to cosmic star formation history; Extraordinary Views of Ordinary Galaxies Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom