Pizza Lunch is our the weekly gathering of the Astronomy Department to make announcements, learn about visitors for the week and (most importantly) talk to each other about science we're interested in. Visitors are invited to tell us a little about what they are working on (chalkboard-style for 5-10 mins or less), but the majority of the time is reserved for local faculty, research scientists, postdocs, grads and undergrads. Please contact Jacqueline if you are interested in speaking, or want to suggest someone else as a speaker"

Date Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject
Sept 4 Zoltan LISA meeting David K Exoplanet meeting
Sept 11 Alexey Exomoon Lorenzo Pair beams in IGM Tiffany summer school Yvette Schutt BH distribution in MW nucleus
Sept 18Andrew Emerickdwarf galaxies Nick Stoneconf in Santorini and TDE's Zoltan Massive Black Hole binaries
Sept 25 Tommaso Marchetti GAIA results Max Abitbol Luca Comisso
Oct 2 David Schiminovich Fireball Nicole Melso Fireball
Oct 9 Hugo Pfister TDEs in galaxy mergers Brian Metzger, Jennifer Barnes, Daniel Siegel r-process nucleosynthesis
Oct 16 Jennifer Barnes r-process nucleosynthesis Aliya Babul Brian Lu Matthew Abruzzo Adam Wheeler
Oct 23 Daisy Leung Jorge Cortes Avery Kim Aaron Tran Navin Sridhar Sarah Hale
Oct 30 Andrea Derdzinski Tomer Yavetz Emily Sandford
Nov6 Election Day
Nov 13 Elad Steinberg Caroline Dorn Terrestrial planet internal compositions
Nov 20 KathrynRaja Guhathakurta
Nov 27 Lorenzo Postiangular momentum Jerry
Dec 4 Shifra Mandel
Dec 11 Yasmeen Asali and John Staunton summer in Chile Jana Grcevich outreach plans