Public Outreach Lecture Series / Fall 2016

This is a lecture series put on for the benefit of the public. Each lecture lasts approximately 30 minutes and is accompanied by 1.5 hours of star-gazing on the roof if the weather cooperates. Talks are targeted at the astronomical-education level of a layperson (oftentimes children are in attendance). Talks meet in Pupin TBD; directions will be provided around the observatory to the lecture on each given night. For more information, go to the Wiki Outreach webpage or the Public Outreach webpage.

If you're interested in giving an outreach lecture in a coming semester, please contact Summer.

Date Speaker Title Start Time Abstract
Sep 20 Starmen Film Screening 8:00PM Abstract
Oct 7 Maria Charisi Black Hole Duet: Hearing the universe for the first time 8:00PM Abstract
Oct 21 David Helfand Surviving the Misinformation Age 8:00PM Abstract
Nov 4 Daniel Wolf Savin The Cosmic Origins of the Chemicals of Life 7:00PM Abstract
Nov 18 Zephyr Penoyre How to Stage the Moon Landings 7:00PM Abstract
Dec 2 Allyson Sheffield Life in the Universe 7:00PM Abstract
Dec 16 Kimberly Arcand How to Hold a Dead Star in Your Hand 7:00PM Abstract