Pizza Lunch is our the weekly gathering of the Astronomy Department to make announcements, learn about visitors for the week and (most importantly) talk to each other about science we're interested in. Visitors are invited to tell us a little about what they are working on (chalkboard-style for 5-10 mins or less), but the majority of the time is reserved for local faculty, research scientists, postdocs, grads and undergrads. Please contact Jacqueline if you are interested in speaking, or want to suggest someone else as a speaker"

Date Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject
Sep 8 Zoltan, Dan Astr-GR meeting Susan, jeno, Mary IAU
Sep 15 Yong Gas accretion Aleksey Colin Cosmology, 50 years after CMB discovery
Sep 22 Joe CV conf in Sicily Robyn dark halos and tidal streams David H liberal arts education in the 21st century
Sep 29 Yuri Levin gravitational waves missing Zoltan why gravitational waves are missing Lam Limits on strong equivalence principle violation
Oct 6 Tsvi Piran Daniel lenz Mark Dijkstra + student
Oct 13 Kathryn Nick Jose Zoltan SMBH
Oct 20 Angus Williams Miao summer school in germany Arlin water on mars zoltan smbh
Oct 27 Casey Miller The physics GRE
Nov 3 holiday
Nov 10
Nov 17 1st and 2nd year grads their research project
Nov 24 Arlin's memorial pizza lunch |
Dec 1 Kenta Kiuchi (YITP Nick and Aleksey meeting on tidak disruption in Jerusalem
Dec 8 Munier Brian Fernando
Dec 15 Franz Bauer Colin Hill