Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2012

Talks are held in the 329 Pupin beginning at 4:15 pm, and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Date Name Institution Title Abstract Host
September 19 Ken Freeman The Australian National University The Galactic Bulge Abstract Jacqueline
September 26 Aristotle Socrates IAS Tides and Hot Jupiters Abstract Gurtina
October 3 Julia Comerford University of Texas Dual Supermassive Black Holes as Tracers of Galaxy Evolution Abstract Jacqueline
October 10 Ehud Behar The Technion, Haifa X-Ray Absorption of High-Redshift Quasars and Gamma Ray Bursts Abstract Frits
October 17 Mike Hahn Columbia Evidence for Wave Heating in the Solar Corona Abstract Marcel
October 24 Meredith Hughes Berkeley/Wesleyan Planet Formation through Radio Eyes Abstract Gurtina
October 31 Anna Frebel MIT Stellar Archaeology: New Science with Old Stars CANCELED BY SANDY Marcel
November 7 Wyn Evans Cambridge University A Ghost Story: The Halo of the Milky Way Galaxy Abstract Kathryn
November 14 Shep Doeleman Haystack, MIT The Event Horizon Telescope: Observing Black Holes with Schwarzschild Radius Resolution Abstract Jacqueline
November 21 Thanksgiving - No Colloquium
November 28 Rachel Somerville Rutgers The puzzle of galaxy and black hole co-evolution Abstract David S.
December 5 Stephane Courteau Queens University Puzzles in Galaxy Scaling Relations Abstract Jacqueline