Date Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject Who Subject
Sep. 6 Everyone Introductions Kristen Hot Super-Earths
Sep. 13 Arlin Astro Tools Molly Peeples Galaxies and the IGM Lam CMB Power Spectrum Anomaly
Sep. 20 Zoltan Weak Lensing Minkowski Functionals Kristen Jackson Hole conference
Sep. 27 Joe An Amateur Astronomer Project Kathryn/Summer NSBP/NSHP meeting
Oct. 4 David Schiminovich twilight gleaming Jules Halpern Spectral Features on a Neutron Star Destry, Kathryn, Josh P., Jacqueline a bit about career development resources
Oct. 11 Andrei GRBs Amanda Kepley Star forming regions
Oct. 18 All 1st/2nd year students Their new projects
Oct. 25 Caleb "Journey to the Exoplanets" demo Marcel The Factory and The Beehive Michele Vallisneri Low frequency gravitational wave sky
Nov. 1 Colin Phurbas Ian McGreer? High-z Quasars
Nov. 8 Josh Bloom (Berkeley) The Transient Universe Michael Hrynevych (Caltech) NESSI: The New Mexico Extrasolar Spectroscopic Survey Instrument
Nov. 15 Nico Hamaus Constraining cosmology with large-scale structure: optimal weights and multiple tracers Ester Aliu Crab pulsar
Nov. 22 Munier Site Statistics Or Grad student conference
Nov. 29 Lam Gravitational Waves Miles Smith (PSU) The Astrophysical Multimessenger Observatory Network Josh some fun with redshift
Dec. 6 Mary Recent work Lixin Dai (Stanford) Roche Accretion Of Stars Close To Massive Black Holes Freeke van de Voort Gas Accretion onto Galaxies and their Halos
Dec. 13 Mike Way Dismantling Hubble's Legacy? Maureen Recent Work