Galaxies' Lunch Topic Series / Fall 2011

Galaxies' Lunch is held every Thursday @noon in RM 1402 (Astronomy Library). Please bring a lunch and join us if
you are interested in and/or study:

1) Observations of
2) Simulations of
3) Theories of

galaxy formation, growth, and evolution. It is an informal meeting with an aim to bring together various viewpoints
and expertise in the areas of galactic and extragalactic astronomy. The meetings cover a range of ideas including star
clusters and gas clouds as integral parts in the understanding of galaxy structure and evolution up to how galaxies
themselves serve as parts of the Universe in a cosmological context.

We will select a couple of people each week to lead an INFORMAL discussion for the following week with the
understanding that anyone should bring up science ideas, pertinent to the group, at any time. This semester's
schedule of topic coordinators is listed below:

Date Topic Coordinator Topic References/Links
September 22 Josh Peek Dust Menard et al. Tielens et al.
September 29 Yuan Li Galactic Bars Barazza et al. Sheth et al.
October 6 Jen Donovan Meyer
(with David, Gurtina, and Josh)
Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Kuzio de Naray et al. O'Neil et al. Bothun et al. Galaz et al.
October 13 ENZO workshop attendees
Brian O'Shea (MSU)
Carolyn Peruta (MSU)
John Wise (Georgia Tech)
Is Enzo enough?
Merging semi-analytical models with
cosmological simulations of galactic chemical evolution
Modeling Galactic Chemical Evolution
October 20 Kathryn Johnston
(with Christine)
Globular Clusters (multiple stellar populations) Carretta et al. 2010
Nataf et al, 2011
October 27 Jacqueline vanGorkom Cold Gas Accretion
November 3 David Schiminovich The Stellar Mass-to-Light Ratio Relevant Papers
November 10 Christine Simpson Dwarf Galaxies
November 17 Munier Salem Galactic B Fields | Ransom Review , Ransom, 2010 , | Wolleben, 2010
December 1 Mary Putman Hot Halo Gas
December 8 Greg Bryan New Implications from Dwarf Galaxies in LCDM Ismael Ferrero, Mario G. Abadi, Julio F. Navarro, Laura V. Sales, Sebastian Gurovich The dark matter halos of dwarf galaxies: a challenge for the LCDM paradigm?

Michael Boylan-Kolchin, James S. Bullock, Manoj Kaplinghat The Milky Way's bright satellites as an apparent failure of LCDM
December 15 TBD Globular Clusters (formation) / TBD
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