Special Seminars / Fall 2010

These mini-seminars take place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in room Pupin 1402. Note that ALL talks must be a maximum of 30 minutes long (even if there is only one speaker). Hosts should inform speakers of this requirement.

Date Location Time Speaker Institution Title Abstract Host
Sept 2 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Shy Genel MPI Garching Simulations of rapidly star- forming galaxies at redshift ~2: the roles of mergers, smooth accretion, and feedback Greg Bryan
Sept 30 1420 Pupin 4:15pm Esra Tigrak Kapteyn Institute The nonlinear Schrodinger equation to model the filamentary structure of the cosmic web Abstract Jacqueline
Oct 7 1420 Pupin 4:15pm Andreaa Petric IPAC CANCELLED Abstract Jacqueline
Oct 7 1420 Pupin 4:15pm Nicolas Flagey IPAC CANCELLED Abstract Jacqueline
Oct 21 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Adi Zolotvo NYU The Dual Origin of Galactic Stellar Halos Abstract Kathryn V Johnston
Nov 4 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Jo Bovy NYU TBA Abstract? Kathryn V Johnston
Nov 11 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Jaime E. Forero-Romero/Tsvi Piran Astrophysical Institute Potsdam (AIP)/Hebrew University, Jerusalem A Panchromatic View of High-z Galaxies/Some unconventional ideas concerning Cosmic Rays Abstracts Zoltan Haiman/Andrei Beloborodov
Dec 9 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Jens Chluba/ Else Starkenburg CITA/Gronigen Signals from the Cosmological Recombination Epoch/ The satellites of the Milky Way: Insights from modeling and observations Abstracts Daniel Wolf Savin/ Kathryn V Johnston
Jan 6 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Bryan Gaensler U. Sydney The Magnetic Universe Abstracts Mary Putman
Jan 27 1402 Pupin 4:15PM Joanne Bibby AMNH Wolf-Rayet stars as supernova progenitors Abstracts Maryam Modjaz