TITLE: Multi-wavelength Studies of Galaxy Clusters and Their Use as Cosmological Probes

SPEAKER: Doron Lemze (Tel Aviv University)

ABSTRACT: The availability of extensive optical measurements of member galaxies, strong and weak gravitational lensing measurements, and resolved X-ray images, afford detailed determination of the galaxy, gas, and dark matter spatial profiles. I will describe the results from combined analyses of high quality multi-wavelength data by implementing a new, largely model-independent approach. I will then show that the contribution of clusters to the the X-ray background can be used to set meaningful constraints on alternative non-Gaussian cosmological models.

Relevant papers: Lemze, D., Barkana, R., Broadhurst, T., & Rephaeli, Y. 2008, MNRAS, 386, 1092 Lemze, D., Broadhurst, T., Rephaeli, Y., Barkana, R., & Umetsu, K. 2009, ApJ, 701, 1336 Lemze, D., Sadeh, S., & Rephaeli, Y. 2009, MNRAS, 397, 1876